Juha Koskela

Juha Koskela has studied jewellery making both in Finland and in the USA. For almost forty years he has refined his signature technique Anticlastic Raising to meet the most demanding standard, making him one of the world's greatest anticlastic masters. He uses the technique to create airy, three-dimensional and sculptural pieces.

Juha Koskela's jewellery is all about a flowing rhythm and continuous movement. Movement breathes life and continuity. Koskela draws on his environment, on natural surfaces and shapes, for inspiration.

Koskela mainly creates his jewellery out of silver and gold, combining them with titanium or Mokume-gane, whose multimetal layering allows for a surface colour and finish somewhat reminiscent of a watercolour. Juha Koskela's individual and carefully finished work has gained recognition both in his home country Finland and worldwide.